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“The lying man has promised whatever thing he could,the greedy man believes him and thinks his promise good”


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Irish Baby Boys Names –Gaelic Boys Names


Irish Baby Boys Names

There is a growing interest in our Celtic / Gaelic heritage and this is reflected through the Irish heritage names we give to our children. If you would like to give your baby boy a name reflective of his Gaelic or Irish roots this is a good place to start.

This article lists some of the more popular Gaelic names for Irish baby boy names in Ireland. The information was gathered from the Irish Central Statistics Office and books about the topic. Each name in the list is given with the Gaelic spelling,the meaning of the name and in some instances the Anglo-Saxon version of the name.

  1. Adhamh – Gaelic for Adam;“red earth,ruddy”
  2. Aidan – “the little fiery one”
  3. Ailín – Gaelic for Alan,Allen;“noble”
  4. Aindréas – Gaelic for Andrew;“manly,valiant,courageous”
  5. Áron – Gaelic for Aaron;“shining light,messenger”
  6. Breandan – Gaelic for Brendan;“prince”
  7. Caoimhín – Gaelic for Kevin;“handsome”
  8. Cathal -”Battle Mighty”
  9. Ciarán –“Little dark one”
  10. Cillian –“Strife”
  11. Concobhar – Gaelic for Conor/Connor;“a strong will”
  12. Cormac – “lad of the chariot” and/or “Raven”
  13. Dainéal – Gaelic for Daniel;“oak”
  14. Dáivi – Gaelic for David;“beloved one”
  15. Darragh – “small great one,riches”
  16. Declan – name of a 5th century bishop
  17. Dermot – “free of envy”
  18. Diarmuid –“without envy”
  19. Donovan – “dark warrior”
  20. Dylan – “sea god,son of the waves”
  21. Eoghan -Gaelic for Owen;“Well born”
  22. Fionn – “white,fair”
  23. Liam – Gaelic for William;“determined guardian”
  24. Lorcán –“little fierce one”
  25. Micheál – Gaelic for Michael;“who is like God”
  26. Oisín –“Fawn”[Son of Fionn MacCool]
  27. Oscar –“Champion Warrior”or “Jewel”[Grandson of Fionn MacCool]
  28. Pádraig – Gaelic for Patrick;“noble,well-born”
  29. Roibeárd – Gaelic for Robert;“bright,famous”
  30. Ruairí – Gaelic for Rory;“the red king”
  31. Séamus – Gaelic for James;“the supplanter”
  32. Seán – Gaelic for John;“God is gracious”
  33. Steafán – Gaelic for Stephen;“crown”

These are just a few of the many Gaelic Irish names that would be appropriate for baby boys names. We will expand on these Gaelic boys names and add to the list in the near future.

Have fun deciding on your Irish baby boys name!

Visit Muckross House to see Victorian Gardens in Bloom

Luscious gardens and green hills populated by native deer are some of the reasons why visitors head
to Muckross House in County Kerry for a day out.

Before leaving by car,drivers ought to make sure their vehicles are covered by motor insurance,
which protects them against accidents and collisions. The beautiful mansion is located in Killarney
National Park,which is a walker’s paradise due to its picturesque waterfalls and steeply climbing hills.
There is much to explore in this protected region,but before setting off into the park,visitors like to
take a look around the impressive Victorian property to see how its past occupants lived.

Building first began on the site in 1839,after Henry Arthur Herbert commissioned workers to
construct the mansion. The property acted as a home for Herbert,his wife and family for hundreds of
years before its ownership passed to others. Keen to pay homage to the premises historical past,the
new owners decided to revert some of the rooms to how they appeared in the Victorian era.

Time was spent decorating the bedrooms and dining rooms back to their former glory,so guests can
see the type of fixtures and furnishings used in this time. The redecorated rooms boast hardwood
furniture,luxurious curtains and glittering chandeliers. Visitors to the site get a realistic impression of
how the original family lived,but they are also able to get a glimpse of the working conditions of the
mansion’s servants.

The basement was where many of the staff spent their time going about their daily tasks and guests
can take a look at this part of the home should they wish. The first owners of the house spent much
time in the grounds of the home enjoying its gardens. Overtime the mansion’s grounds have been
redeveloped so guests can also marvel at the blooming flowers and varied flora.

During nice weather,visitors take great pleasure in admiring the property’s rock and sunken garden.
People who lived in homes near Muckross House tended to rely on farming for an income. Now
tourists can view the practices used by workers in the 1930s thanks to the Muckross Traditional
Farms exhibition.

Traditional crafts are sold at the Mucross Craft Shop,including pottery and weaved items. After
viewing the many historical sights on display,visitors have the opportunity to buy refreshments
in a cafe located within the mansion’s Walled Garden. From here,the Killarney National Park can
be explored,with many visitors drawn each year to the 26,000-acre attraction,which is home to
collection of diverse flora and fauna.