Adare Ireland – Limerick’s Charming Irish Heritage Town


Adare’s Traditional Irish Cottages

Adare is a popular destination for visitors touring Ireland’s towns. This picturesque town in County Limerick is probably most famous for it’s thatched roofed cottages. Adare town was designated as an ‘Irish Heritage Town’ because of it’s historic architecture. Most of the thatched buildings are no longer used as residential dwellings, instead many have are utilised as Irish gift shops and café’s, enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Adare thatched cottages

The thatch on the cottages is made with tightly packed bound reeds and the traditional cottages have charming small windows and white-washed thick stone and rough plastered walls. They are certainly a sight to be seen.

Adare Manor

Adare Manor - Adare Ireland Accommodation

Adare Manor is a 19th century Tudor Gothic style mansion that is was later converted to an high class hotel. There has been a structure on the site since at least the 1830’s. Thing to do in Adare Manor include a complimentary historical tour of the Manor and Irish whiskey tasting and wine tasting. Other activities include 18 hole golf, fishing on the River Maigue, cycling, hot air ballooning, clay pigeon shooting, archery, horse riding, falconry, indoor swimming pool and fitness room.

Adare town shopping

Useful Adare Phone Numbers:

Adare Heritage Centre 061 396666
Adare Festival Office 061 396255
Adare Garda Station 061 396 216
Adare Health Centre 061 396442

Adare Pharmacy Ireland


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