St. Patrick Quick Fire Overview


Saint PatrickWhat You Need To Know About Saint Patrick

The patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated everywhere their is an Irish community worldwide. And why not? The following is a quick fire overview of St. Patrick that’s sure to impress all your friends on the big day:

  • St. Patrick didn’t actually drive all the snakes out of Ireland, the country is still full of bishops, politicians and bankers.
  • St. Patrick was born in Britain near the end of the fourth century to wealthy parents.
  • At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and brought back to Ireland where he remained in captivity for 6 years.
  • He spent most of his time in isolation shepherding sheep. Usually hungery, lonely and scared, he turned to religion for comfort, and began hearing God’s voice.
  • With instruction from God, he escaped his captors and returned to Britian.
  • Safely home, an angel tells him to return to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christianity.
  • After fifteen years study, Patrick is ordained a priest and returns to Ireland as a missionary.
  • Patrick dedicates the rest of his life to converting the Irish to Christianity.
  • Patrick is belived to have died on 17th of March around 460 A.D.
  • Every year on 17th March the Irish have a party to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, even the non-religious among us!

Now you know pretty much all you need to know to tell friend and foe alike the origins of St. Patrick’s Day. For those who would like a little more details see this page The History Of St. Patrick


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