Surf In Waterford


Combine Surf Tuition and Eco-Trips in Waterford

An invigorating marine experience awaits all who visit the T-Bay Surf and Eco-centre to enjoy water sports.

Set in the coastal town of Tramore, County Waterford, the centre offers expert surfing tuition, which may interest car hire customers who enjoy the pastime. However, in addition to lessons in the sport, visitors can book eco trips via the complex, which reveal the secrets of the coastline’s varied wildlife. Keen surfers have been flocking to Tramore since the first centre dedicated to the sport was opened in 1967 by Kevin Cavey.

Called the T-Bay Surf Club, it drew many sports fans who wanted to try out the adrenalin-fuelled activity. This tradition has continued over the years and several world-class sportsmen have emerged from the club and made their names as famous surfers, such as Dave Blount, John McCarthy, Darren Twomey and Margaret O’Brien-Moran. An exhibition at the club entitled the Irish Surfing Hall of Fame brings to life the achievements of these sports personalities via photos and memorabilia.

After taking in the successes of Ireland’s talented surfers, youngsters and adults alike are free to book sessions at the centre, which is an extension of the club and operates all-year round. These days, visitors can enjoy training sessions that start in the premise’s Media Room before they don wetsuits and tackle the sea. Here, modern technology is used to give tips and advice on surfing before expert teachers take surfers to the water’s edge.

Many visitors who book lessons at the complex like to relax after their invigorating experience by having a snack and drink on its Deck, which offers stunning views across the windswept bay. Once suitably refuelled, day trippers may like to book eco trips of the coast. The centre prides itself on raising awareness of ecological issues and gives visitors the opportunity to see the great natural sights on offer in the immediate area.

Tramore is a must-see for nature fans, as it rests within protected zones that are teaming with wildlife. Those booked on these special trips may get guided tours of the region’s rockpools, dune systems, a nearby lagoon or the beach environment. Parts of these natural features are designated as Special Areas of Conservation and Special Areas of Protection, in order to preserve their flora and fauna, which include shellfish and rare birds, as well as maintaining the current cleanliness of the coast’s water.

A National Heritage Area has also been identified in Tramore’s dune system following the discovery of a Stone Age kitchen within the sand.


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