The Giant’s Causeway Northern Ireland – History and Legend


Getting to the Giant’s Causeway

The easiest and most obvious method of getting to the Giant’s Causeway is by car or on a dedicated coach tour. It is 63 miles from Belfast (43 miles from Derry) and is away from main population centers. While public transport is an option, travelling directly by car or coach is strongly recommended. Once in the north coast region of Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway is very well sign posted.

There are two car parking options, with the first being to drive right up to the Visitor’s Center site and park in the car park. The other option is to use a free park and ride service in the nearby town of Bushmills. It is just 2 miles from the Visitor’s Center. There is a reduced rate for entry to the Visitor’s Center for people using this option.

Once at the Visitor’s Center and car parks, the next stage is to get to the stones themselves. The walk down to the stones will take about 10 to 15 minutes. If the walk does not appeal there is a shuttle bus service from the Visitor’s Center down to the stones. There is a small charge for this bus.


Other things to do and see

There are other things to see when visiting the stones at the Giant’s Causeway. The area surrounding the attraction is rugged and beautiful and there are many walks to take, particularly along the coastline.

The Giant’s Causeway Tramline is also worth a visit, while other interesting landmarks include the Causeway School (which was built in 1915) and the Causeway Hotel.


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