7 Things You Might Not Know About Halloween

  1. Halloween is a pre-Christian ancient Irish Celtic celebration called Samhain (pronounced sow-hen).
  2. Samhain celebrates the time of year between summer and winter when spirits pass through to the ‘next life’, and the living and dead can sometimes cross paths again.
  3. Samhain was celebrated November 1st. People would leave food on their doorsteps as offering for the ghostly dead.
  4. People wore costumes to disguise themselves to better blend in between the living and wandering ghosts.
  5. In the 8th century the Christian church hijacked the Samhain celebration and renamed it All Saints Day, also known as All Hollows. The night before All Hollows became Halloween.
  6. When Irish and Scottish immigrants moved to America and Canada in the 1800s, they brought the Halloween traditions with them which later became trick-or-treat.
  7. Pumpkins (or turnip)  lanterns welcome familiar spirits of the dead and keep evil spirits away.