Irish Baby Girl Names

Popular and Traditional Irish Girl Names

Do you want to give your baby girl an Irish name reflective of your Irish roots?

Below I have listed some of the most popular Irish names for a girl in Ireland (according to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland). The list of Irish girls names includes the Gaelic spelling, the meaning of the name, and the Anglo-Saxon version of the name when applicable.

  1. Abaigeal – Gaelic for Abigail; “father’s joy”
  2. Áine – often used for Anne; “joy, praise”
  3. Aleanbh – Gaelic for Alannah; “the bright fair one, beautiful child”
  4. Aoife – Gaelic for Eve; “life-giving”
  5. Brenna – “raven-haired”
  6. Bridget – “strong, spirited”
  7. Caitlin – Gaelic for Catherine; “pure”
  8. Ceallach – Gaelic for Kelly; “a warrior”
  9. Ceilí – Gaelic for Kayleigh; “party, celebration”
  10. Clár – Gaelic for Claire; “bright”
  11. Eilís – Gaelic for Elizabeth; “consecrated to God”
  12. Erin – “from Ireland”
  13. Fallon – “a leader”
  14. Fíona – “the fair one”
  15. Isibéal – Gaelic for Isabel/Isabella; “consecrated to God”
  16. Mairéad – Gaelic for Margaret; “pearl”
  17. Máire – Gaelic for Mary; “bitter”
  18. Nuala – Gaelic for Nola; “fair-shouldered one”
  19. Ráichéal – Gaelic for Rachael; “little lamb”
  20. Riona – “a queen, queen-like”
  21. Saraid – Gaelic for Sarah; “princess”
  22. Shannon – “wise one”
  23. Sháuna – feminine of Sean; “God is gracious”
  24. Sinéad – Gaelic for Jane; “gracious, merciful”
  25. Siobhán – Gaelic for Joan; “God is gracious”

These are just a few of the many popular Irish girls names for a baby girl. We will add more names as time goes by so please call back to see the updated list of Irish baby girls names..

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