Irish Water Deadline Extended…Again

The Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly confirmed today that 30 June will be the latest deadline for registering with Irish Water. Those who register will be eligible to receive the €100 water conservation grant. This is seen by many as a bribe to entice and scare cash strapped householders into registering.

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Mr Murphy said Saturday’s protest shows the strength of the anti-charge movement, adding that the Government is now attempting to intimidate people into paying, which he called “bullying behaviour”…

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Mr Murphy questioned the figure of 130,000 people which Minister Kelly said was the number who had registered with Irish Water in the past month, bringing the total of registrations to 1.23 million.

Mr Murphy said that Irish Water had given him the 1.23 million figure over a month ago.

He said the charges would be beaten by a campaign of non-payment, and that whatever government came into power in 2016 would be under “massive pressure” to abolish the charges.

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