Dingle Tours

Friends of mine made a recent trip to Dingle for a family occasion. They were staying for a few days and wanted to see the sights as it was their first time in Dingle. While I’d have a good idea of places to visit I’m not exactly a tour guide. So, to avoid disappointment I decided to book a Dingle Peninsula Tour with one of the local opporators.

One local tour opporator came highly recommended, his name is Seán O’Connor. We booked the tour for 6 people and off we went. Well, having lived near the Dingle area for many years I thought I had a pretty good idea of the history and sights. However, Seán’s knowledge of Dingle history and folklore far surpassed my own and despite a few light showers of rain, we really enjoyed the the tour.

It turns out that Seán has also worked with film production companies in the past, not just to drop-off and pick-up directors and cast, but to also share his knowledge of Dingle with their location managers.

Without hesitation I recommend you contact Seán O’Connor if you are planning a bus or coach tour of Dingle. Visit Seán’s website at