Dingle Traveller Tips

Some useful advice for the weary traveller when visiting Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula.

Pack Rain Gear

Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful locations on the planet – when it’s not raining.

When it starts bucketing down it’s a different story (unless you’re cosy in the snug of some pub sipping a coffee or a creamy pint of stout). Anyway, pack rain gear, you’ll need it.

Credit Card Advice
American Express is NOT widely accept in Dingle. When paying use a Visa card, Mastercard, Laser card or everyone’s favorite – cold hard cash. Ching-ching!

Hen And Stag Parties In Dingle

You’d think that with over 50 drinking spots in Dingle (including the Hillgrove Nightclub) that Dingle would be the perfect place for hen and stag parties.

Some of the bars in Main Street Dingle have banned stag and hen parties while others do not exactly welcome them. Many accommodation providers also prefer not to house people visiting for hen and stag parties, especially if they have guests with young children staying.

Behave yourself and you’ll get a warm welcome wherever you go.

Traditional Irish Music In Dingle

You’d probably like to know where to find the traditional Irish music sessions when visiting Dingle? Well you’re in luck…

That’s not a difficult job to do! You can usaully hear the trad music when walking around the streets of the town. Never the less, we won’t take the chance of you missing something special; here’s a couple of places to visit for traditional Irish music when in Dingle Town.

O’Flaherty’s Pub Dingle

This is a popular pub in Dingle and there have been some mighty Irish trad sessions under their roof. O’Flaherty’s Pub is off the roundabout as you enter the town from the Annascaul side.

An Droichead Beag

There is traditioanl Irish music seven days a week in ‘the Droichead’. A must visit while in Dingle. An Droichead Beag (means ‘Little Bridge’) is on Main Street Dingle and sure enough, it’s beside a little bridge.

Mac Carthy’s Bar Dingle

MacCarthy’s Bar has been host to some of the finest tradtional Irish musicians. The walls regularly shake with mighty trad sessions and the pint is good. It’s located in Goat’s Street, off the top of Main Street Dingle, near to Goat’s Street Cafe (also worth a visit!).

That’ll get you started though there are many more pubs where you can enjoy traditional Irish music in Dingle. Walk around and listen sharp for a session in full swing. Enjoy yourself!

Eating Out In Dingle’s Restaurants, Pubs and Café

There’s plenty of dinning options for visitors to Dingle. As you can imagine, fresh fish, lamb and beef is offered in many restaurants. All can be sourced as local ingrediants.

We have listed just some of the restaurants and bars you might enjoy to visit while in Dingle.

  • The Chart House (on the roundabout entering Dingle). The food is excellent and this is one of the best restaurants in Dingle. They source fresh fish and meat locally as well other local produce like Annascaul Black Pudding. They offer a good choice of wines and dinners can order a half bottle of wine which is great if you don’t have time for a full bottle. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is excellent. *Restaurant.
  • Goat’s Street Cafe should be visited at least once. The menu is not Irish but the food is excellent, the staff friendly and atmosphere warm. Well worth a visit. *Cafe.
  • Adam’s Bar offer traditional Irish and foriegn dishes, is a step up from pub grub and has a wonderful atmosphere. The staff are friendly and it’s a great place to enjoy a meal then relax sipping a pint while reading the newspaper.
  • Lord Baker’s (main street Dingle) Excellent restaurant offering both meat and fish dishes. The food here is excellent.
  • An Cafe Liteartha, Dingle’s bookstore cafe is a great stop for a good bowl of soup or enjoy a fresh baked scone with think butter and jam with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
  • Paudie’s Bar beside the Dingle Bay Hotel serves great pub food.
  • Nove Cente (Main Street Dingle) has some really good pizza.
  • The Chinese Restaurant (Main Street) offers 3 course meals for less than €15. Great for a group or family meal.

This is just a short list of places to eat out in Dingle. We recommend you explore the town and experience for yourself the best of Dingle restaurants, bar and cafe food for yourself.

Dingle Sea Angling And Shore Fishing Ireland

Interested in a sea angling fishing charter trip while visiting Dingle?

There are several fishing boats in Dingle that offer charter-fishing trips. Deep sea fishing trips can be booked at the office on the marina or the tourist office.

Dingle Deep Sea Fishing Prices

Dingle Deep Sea Fishing Prices start at around €20 per person for two hours fishing (prices at time of writing). For a four hour trip you can expect to pay around €45 per person with tackle included. A full boat for a days fishing will cost around €500.

Dingle Deep Sea Fish Stock

Mackerel and Pollack are the main stock in the waters surrounding Dingle Peninsula and once you catch one you’ll catch plenty.

Preparations For Charter Fishing

Pack a warm jumper hat and gloves encase the weather turns nasty. You’d do well to bring waterproof gear too. If you are going for the day bring enough food and water provisions (unless you prefer raw fish and salty water!).

Life jackets should be provided by the boat owner and obviously worn at all times. Remember, safety first!

Fungie The Dolphin

You may be lucky enough to see Fungie the Dolphin within Dingle Bay and some of his friends further out to sea.

For Landlubbers – Beach and Shore Fishing

There’s plenty of beach and shore fishing on the Dingle Peninsula with several species including Ray, Bass, Mackerel, Conger eel, Bull Huss, Wrasse, Spurdog and Pollack,

Enjoy your Dingle fishing trip!

Dingle Peninsula Resources

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