Naas, County Kildare

naas-0-6590383naas-0-6590383naas-1-8356033naas-2-5981124naas-3-6594240naas-4-3722189 Naas is a cosmopolitan town in County Kildare in Ireland. It is located on the main road from Dublin to Cork Waterford and Limerick The name ‘Naas’ appears in three forms in annuals and records. ‘An Nas’, meaning ‘The Place of Assembly; ‘Nas na Riogh’, meaning “The Place of Assembly of Kings” and ‘Nas Laighean’, meaning “The Place of the Leinster men” are other version of the name ‘Naas’.

In ancient times, Naas was the seat of Leinster kings. The ancient royal palace is in the site of North Mote. This place was visited by Saint Patrick who camped on the site of the current Protestant parish church. In 1316, the town was pundered by Robert and Edward Bruce and fortified by the Normans. A Norman castle that was once part of the fortifications of the Naas town has been transformed into the modern Church of Ireland rectory. Cearbhall, the last king of Naas died in 989 AD.

The history of Naas is an interesting one. It is believed that the territory of Leinster was revenged and the King of Leinster was beheaded by the King of Ireland. This is due to the fact that in the mid second century AD, the king of Leinster married King of Ireland’s one of the two beautiful daughters. Later, the Leinster King arranged to marry his wife’s sister pretending that his wife was dead. But when the truth was discovered soon, both the women died of grief and their father took his revenge of the Leinster King. The death of the King brought endless trouble for centuries.

There are 3 race courses in the vicinity of the town which are at The Curragh, Punchestown and Naas. The fastest growing social and sporting event in Ireland is the Punchestown National Hunt Festival. This place also organizes the Heineken International Three Day Eventing Championship. The overall population of Naas in County Kildare is 16,000. The commuter population of the town engaged in increasing household developments have led to the tremendous growth and development of Naas. One of the places worth visiting in Naas is St. David’s Church that treasures 17th Century Bell, unusual old gravestones and 18th century unfinished tower.

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