Kenmare Stone Circle, County Kerry

Situated at the intersection of the Beara Peninsula and Iveragh Peninsula, Kenmare is an impressively posh town. This Irish town provides visitors great facilities for accommodation and fine dining. Its location near the Kenmare Bay (where the Roughty River merges with the sea) and Mountains like Mangerton and Caha also offer opportunities for wonderful views while hill walking. However, the primary attraction that has put Kenmare on the tourist map is the Kenmare Stone Circle, which is located within the proximity of Cromwell Bridge.

Kenmare Stone Circle was originally built for religious purposes and is actually the largest in the south-west region of Ireland. Commonly referred to as the ‘Shruberries’, this stone circle is an example of the Bronze Age architecture and comprises 15 heavy boulders. 13 of these stand vertical to the ground whereas the remaining two lie flat at the north elevation. This ring is different from others in Munster because of its egg-like shape and bigger diameter. Its design is assumed to be a late geometrical development in terms of architectural trends prevalent during 2200-500 B.C. Central to the stone circle at this Irish monastic site is a huge capstone which is extremely heavy. The weight of this capstone is roughly calculated to be around seven tonnes. This has led concerned parties to think that a lot of human effort must have been required to bring it to its present location.

Despite its historic significance and central location, Kenmare Stone Circle can sometimes be difficult to find as its presence gets overshadowed by those of commercial buildings. Nevertheless, one must visit this Irish historical site to get some great pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.

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