Ballybunion Town North Kerry Ireland

Ballybunion is a lively coastal village situated at the mouth of the river Shannon estuary in North County Kerry Ireland.

Ballybunion Castle ruins stand high on a cliff facing out into the Atlantic Sea. All that remains of the castle is a single wall, but it gives the visitor a good impression of what the castle might have been like when it was whole.

Ballybunion’s beaches are popular in the summer with families and the town’s amusements and arcades contribute to the sea side holiday town appeal.

There are tall picturesque cliffs along the beaches that provide a home for many varieties of cliff nesting sea birds. Occasionally dolphins are seen frolicking in the sheltered part of the bay.

Ballybunion is also a popular destination for surfers with the best waves being caught at the cliffs off the beach area.

The town is particularly popular with families as it offers lots of fast food, pubs and amusement arcades making it a fun place to visit.


Ballybunion boasts two quality golf courses.

Many sporting people rent houses in the area for weeks in the summer so they can enjoy the great golf courses in this natural clean environment of Kerry.

Ballybunion also has a Leisure Gym and Pool which gives the sporty visitor an alternative if the weather turns against them.