Car Insurance Ireland

Research Irish Car Insurance Quotes

Author Note: The following article is based on the author’s personal experiences and is only intended as a general guide to researching auto insurance in Ireland.)

Irish auto insurance quotations and the various car insurance packages on offer from vendors are competitive and easy to research. Many Irish auto insurance quotes can differ greatly from one insurance provider to the next and it really does pay to shop around.

Some of the main car insurance providers in Ireland are:

  • Quinn Direct
  • Hibernian Car Insurance
  • Allianz Direct
  • One Direct
  • Tesco Car Insurance
  • Irish Motoring
  • AXA Insurance

All of these insurance providers have information on their websites giving details of the insurance packages they have to offer. It’s worth spending the time to read and research these sites in depth so that you can select the insurance provider that best suits your needs and your pocket!

Where To Start Looking For Irish Car Insurance Quotes?

The internet is the best place to start your research for car insurance quotations in Ireland. Using simple on-line forms it is possible to tailor and submit your personal details and instantly receive an insurance quotation. This feature is useful if you have not yet purchased a vehicle but want to accurately estimate the overall cost of running a vehicle in Ireland including your annual car insurance costs. is a good website to start researching your car insurance costs. The only problem with this site is that if your car’s value is less than €4000 they won’t quote you (at the time of writing this article). Pity they don’t tell you this on their home page.
Some Points To Consider When Researching Car Insurance In Ireland

  • Men and Woman’s Insurance Costs Differ: Men’s car insurance is usually more expensive than woman’s comparing similar details. There may be exceptions but this is generally true across the board.
  • On-street Parking Off-street Parking: On-street parking is less desirable that off-street parking because of a perceived higher risk of vandalism, thief or accident. This will possibly increase the cost of your insurance premium slightly.
  • Place of Residence: Urban Dwellers tend to pay a higher auto insurance premium than rural dwellers. Again this has to do with a perceived risk to the vehicle.
  • Engine Size: Vehicle’s with smaller, less powerful engines, usually cost less to insure. 1.2ltr to 1.6ltr engines are the most popular in Ireland at the time of writing this article.
  • Drivers Age: The younger and less experience you have driving the higher your auto insurance quotations will be. This is usually true for young ‘named drivers’ who are the primary insurance holder for a vehicle. In the case of young ‘learner’ drivers seeking insurance under an experienced driver’s cover the cost of insurance can be very low. In this author’s experience this will costing anywhere between €70 and €100 per annum.
  • Making Auto Insurance Claims: Read insurance policies carefully before purchasing. Many have clauses making the person insured responsible for paying a minium amount for damages before the insurance company incurs any costs. For example, your insurance policy covers claims after €200 worth of damages. That means if the garage charges €300 for repairing damages, the insurance company will only pay €100 if your claim is accepted.
  • Get On The Telephone: Once you’ve researched and documented your most suitable quote on-line it is recommended you telephone the insurance company and ask for a quote over the phone. You’ll have to answer all the same questions again but it is possible that you will actually be quoted less than your on-line quote with the same company. If the opposite happens and they are charging more over the phone just go back on-line and complete the transaction there.
  • Be Honest: Finally, be sure that all the information you provide is true. Do not be tempted to give details that are not true to try bring down the cost of your auto insurance quotations. This is unlawful and you will lose out should you try to make a claim and the auto insurance company discovers your details are untrue. Whenever your circumstances change notify your insurance provider immediately so that they can update your records.

Happy and safe motoring in Ireland and good luck with your car insurance quotes!