Celtic Knotwork Designs


Celtic knotwork designs are easily identifiable as Celtic heritage symbols. Modern day Celts often wear Knotwork designs as jewellery or as Celtic knotwork tattoos. Often the knotwork tattoo is inked as a band around the wrist, ankle or upper arm.

Because the Druids left no written history of Celtic laws or Celtic spiritual   beliefs it is impossible to know the true meaning behind Celtic knotwork designs, but modern interpretation of the knotwork design is that it represents eternity, spiritual harmony and a shared kinship among modern day Celtic descendants.
Celtic Artwork and Modern Celts

Modern Celtic Peoples have inherited a rich artistic culture from our Celtic ancestors and we appreciate the beauty and detail of that artwork still. Although much of the original meaning behind Celtic design is lost in history, new and equally important significance are attributed to Celtic artwork by the modern people.celtic-knotwork-armband-300x64-3493127celtic-knotwork-armband2-300x38-4625109