Definition for Irish Phrase – The Craic

If you’re visiting Ireland for the first time, some of the phrases used might leave you scratching your head. For example, when someone asks you if you’re ‘up for a bit of craic’ they don’t mean do you want to smoke a crack pipe.

The Craic

Not to be mistaken for crack cocaine, or a persons private region.

Craic is fun, partying. Craic separates the Irish from most other nationalities on the planet. ‘The Craic’ is something that is inside every Irish person, waiting for a chance to runamuck, irrespective of rules and/or most consequences of one’s actions.

An inner sense of joy and divilment.

Common usage:

  1. ‘It was great craic’
  2. ‘The craic was mighty’
  3. ‘We had some craic’

All of the above usually refer to reckless abandonment, general good natured fecklessness.

Occasions When ‘The Craic’ Might Occur

A friend asks if you are ‘going for one’, often on a week night, just after work, when you know you shouldn’t. ‘One’ in this instance is an alcoholic beverage, and often leads to many more than one. This is when The Craic is likely to reach fever pitch.

When you least expect it, and when you really shouldn’t have The Craic.

Occasions When You Probably Won’t Have The Craic

There is usually only one way to prevent The Craic from happening, and that is to plan a social event in advance. Having even a day’s planned notice (sometimes just hours notice) of a social gathering that ‘should be fun’, often kills any chance of having The Craic.

Used as an Insult

‘You’re no craic’. Use sparingly, as it really is hurtful.