Driving In The Irish Countryside

Irish motorists who tend to use their cars for their daily commutes and shopping trips are advised to get prepared before they go on a driving trip in the country by making sure they have car insurance.Longer journeys require more planning than shorter trips as your motor has to work harder and it may be at more risk of mechanical failure. In addition, as you drive around unfamiliar roads it is important to get coverage for collisions in case you are unlucky enough to hit another car.

Ireland’s stunning countryside draws many visitors each year and the increase in road traffic is a contributing factor in regard to a rise in accident rates. One of the most important tasks to do before you leave home is to check your vehicle is covered by the correct level of car insurance.

If you have a Third Party Fire and Theft policy, it could prove very expensive if you need to fund repairs to your vehicle following a collision. This is because this insurance type only provides enough money to fix the car you hit, but not your own vehicle. This is often the cheaper option and is preferred by those wishing to save some money on their policies, although it is always a good idea to shop around to find the cheapest deal. You are free to consider changing your insurance level before the start of your trip to a Comprehensive policy, which will include coverage for your car following an accident.

Once you have decided which policy suits your needs best and have purchased motor insurance, it is recommended that you keep the phone number of your insurer to hand in case you need to call them on your holiday. Car breakdown cover is highly recommended so you can get mechanical assistance should your car experience a major or minor fault. To keep yourself and your passengers safe while you wait for mechanics to fix or tow your car, you may like to purchase a red warning triangle for your journey, as this can help to warn other drivers that you have broken down.

Once you have parked up, you should exercise the same caution with your valuables that you may do on your daily driving trips. It is best to keep them out of sight to deter thieves from breaking into your car. Finally, before you set out, it is advised that you invest in a Sat Nav or an up-to-date road map to reduce your chances of getting lost as you navigate around the stunning Irish countryside.