Edenderry, County Offaly

Edenderry, which shares its borders with Counties Kildare, Meath and Westmeath, is the third largest town in County Offaly, after Tullamore and Birr. This charming town derives its name from the Irish word ‘Eadán Doire’, meaning ‘the hill-brow of the oak wood’. Popularly referred to as a market town, Edenderry sits majestically on the northern edge of the Bog of Allen.

The mesmerising town was governed by the family of Cooley or Cowley, who had defended it in 1599 against the Earl of Tyrone’s rebellion. Owing to the occupation of the area by this family, the town was known as Coolestown in the 16th century. Reigns of Edenderry passed into the hands of the Blundell family after marriage into the Cowley family.

The land, which was under the administration of the Blundell family, became property of the Marquess of Downshire. The new authority commenced the establishment of a branch of the Grand Canal to Edenderry. This project, which incurred around £692, was completed in 1802. The town beckoned the Quakers, who established a thriving woollen cloth manufacturing industry in 1716. Thereafter, a factory of Daniel Alesbury, who made a variety of woodwork, and Alesbury car manufacturing industry were established in the town. Another boost to the commerce of the town was provided by the development of a railway line, which provided domestic connectivity to Edenderry from Enfield.

The panoramic countryside of Edenderry can be explored by walking along the streets lined with shops and bistros. Grand Canal is the most prominent landmark of this Irish town. During the walk around this canal, people can catch a glimpse of the old bridges, which spell the history of the town. Mystical beauty of the town is also accentuated by the historic plaques placed around the town on churches and houses.

Peter Blundell’s castle, located to the south of the town, was once owned by Lord and Lady Blundell. Ruins of this ancient castle are must visit for people wishing to get acquainted with the heritage of the town. The enticing town is also home to many music acts, including the contemporary heavy metal and traditional Irish music, amongst others.

The importance of the town in the tourism of Ireland is further accentuated by its vibrant nightlife. Edenderry provides people with some of the most animated clubbing and partying sights in the vicinity. Foys and Larkins pubs enable tourists to relish drinking till late at night. Electrifying Saturday night clubbing at Finbarr Cullens is another highlight of this fascinating town.

In addition to clubbing opportunities, the night spots of the town also host cocktail parties and live bands on the weekends. Owing to the location of Edenderry on Dublin Road, travelling to this captivating town is hassle free. The main street of the town is linked with Kinnegad in the north by R401 road and Enfield in the east by the R402 road. The two important roads segregate at the Grand Canal, from where the R401 road extends south to Rathangan and Kildare Town, and the R402 road continues westwards towards Tullamore.

Owing to the unprecedented development in the residential, retail and commercial sectors, Edenderry has emerged as a principal town in East Offaly.

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