ESB & RSA Safer Driving Objectives

A landmark agreement has been reached between the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to advance their safer driving objectives over the next three years.

The strategic alliance between the two companies will see the introduction of a three year action plan titled ‘Achieving Safe Driving Excellence’ and provide a best practice model for the development of procedures to govern road safety in the workplace.

Electricity Supply Board (ESB) chief executive, Johnny Shine revealed that the ESB are committed to the highest level of safety performance in all its activities which include private and fleet vehicle driving. The implementation of safe driving policies within the ESB between 2003 and 2008 has seen a 60 per cent fall in all serious collisions and a 20 per cent reduction in material damage collisions.

Mr Shine said, “This reduction in fatal collisions and in serious injuries has saved untold human misery and saved the exchequer approximately €28 million. In addition, our motor insurance premium fell to 15 per cent of 2003 levels. Going forward, the ESB is implementing a safe driving programme targeted at improving every facet of driving across its businesses and working towards the elimination of incidents and injuries associated with driving and transport activities. The creation of this strategic alliance with the RSA will allow us to tap into their expertise and will certainly strengthen our safe driving programme”, he added.

Noel Brett, chief executive of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) believes the coalition between the two companies will help to diminish the risk of driving for work not only for the driver, but also for colleagues and members of the public.

Mr Brett said, “As an employer or self-employed person you must, by law, manage the risks that may arise when employees drive for their work. The ESB has pioneered the way in this country when it comes to road safety in the work place. We are delighted with this partnership with ESB. It will ultimately lead to the development of a best practice model for employers to successfully enable them to manage the risks associated with driving for work”.

The agreement will see measures implemented such as the ESB promoting its safe driving programme to other employers, to demonstrate the benefits to employees and the business.

Sharing emergency technology advancements and identifying practical issues within Fleet Management and ways of incorporating them into the ESB vehicle fleet.

Also for the RSA to provide assistance to ESB in developing Safe Road Use training programmes.