Flanagan Clan

Irish Clans – The Flanagan Clan

Irish peoples have dispersed throughout the world. Large populations of migrant Irishmen are prominent in America, Australia and Canada. Several Irish family name groups have begun to research their Irish roots. The “Clans of Ireland” was organized in 1990 to assist those with Irish surnames, all over the world, in researching their Irish roots.

Clan Flanagan was organized in 2004, under the umbrella of the “Clans of Ireland.” In these few years it has grown into a worldwide organization with over 100 members.

Participation is centered around a “chat group” on the internet, hosted by Yahoo!. Utilizing this forum, members of Clan Flanagan exchange Irish genealogical information, Irish cultural traditions, stories from their childhoods, news about their families; even current television shows that feature fictional Irish families in fictionalized Irish expatriate cultures. And we’ve been known to exchange a recipe or two! The conversation is lively (occasionally heated); generally full of good humor and evidencing more than just a bit of mischievousness.

As the “Flanagan” surname spread about the world, diverse spellings of the name have emerged. Spelling variations of the name include:

  • Flanagan
  • Flanaghan
  • Flangan
  • Flanigan
  • Flannagan
  • Flannigan
  • Flanningan
  • Flanikin
  • Flanakin
  • Flanagin
  • Flanigin
  • Flenniken
  • Flannacan
  • Flannacain

…and any of these prefixed with an O’. We expect there are likely to be more. All variations are welcomed into Clan Flanagan. We have accepted a Spanish member whose hereditary, Spanish family name is spelled “Falagan.” She recounted a legend in her family that the name derives from the Irish “Flanagan.”

In order to help Flanagans, in any of the spellings of the name, to connect their families to their Irish roots, a DNA project has been started using the facilities of Family Tree DNA. Clan Flanagan’s administrator for the Flanagan DNA project can be contacted at the Flanagan Family Website. Our goal for DNA testing is to facilitate the linking of present day families of Flanagans to their present day cousins in Ireland. Not only did the Cromwellian Invasion of Ireland destroy many genealogical archives, but the diaspora of the Irish has disconnected many expatriate Flanagans from their ancestral heritage.

From time to time, Flanagans living across the seas return to Ireland for a visit. As often as not, a reason for their visit will be: “To learn more about my Irish Ancestry and Irish Culture.” Surely, the present-day inhabitants of the Island named Ireland will welcome them home.