Ghostly BlackBerries After Halloween

by Peter · Published November 4, 2015 · Updated November 4, 2015

irish-ghost-puca-190x300-9979739Henry Morris (1915) recounting from his Childhood beliefs in the Farney Barony

‘Nice ripe blackberries are sweet and palatable; but hungry boys and girls will eat blackberries that are neither sweet of palatable. However after ‘Oidhche Shamhna’ or Hallow Eve no blackberries are eaten. And why? Because on that night the púca goes abroad and crawls over the blackberries covering them with an invisible slime, and where is the boy or girl who would eat a berry soiled with the púca’s slime. The fact seems to be that blackberries after that date are stale and unwholesome. But the púca’s slime is the great deterrent.’

Púca – Ghost.

Journal of the Louth Archaeological Society, 1915.


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