Irish Baby Boys Names – Gaelic Boys Names

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Irish Baby Boys Names

There is a growing interest in our Celtic / Gaelic heritage and this is reflected through the Irish heritage names we give to our children. If you would like to give your baby boy a name reflective of his Gaelic or Irish roots this is a good place to start.

This article lists some of the more popular Gaelic names for Irish baby boy names in Ireland. The information was gathered from the Irish Central Statistics Office and books about the topic. Each name in the list is given with the Gaelic spelling, the meaning of the name and in some instances the Anglo-Saxon version of the name.

  1. Adhamh – Gaelic for Adam; “red earth, ruddy”
  2. Aidan – “the little fiery one”
  3. Ailín – Gaelic for Alan, Allen; “noble”
  4. Aindréas – Gaelic for Andrew; “manly, valiant, courageous”
  5. Áron – Gaelic for Aaron; “shining light, messenger”
  6. Breandan – Gaelic for Brendan; “prince”
  7. Caoimhín – Gaelic for Kevin; “handsome”
  8. Cathal -“Battle Mighty”
  9. Ciarán – “Little dark one”
  10. Cillian – “Strife”
  11. Concobhar – Gaelic for Conor/Connor; “a strong will”
  12. Cormac – “lad of the chariot” and/or “Raven”
  13. Dainéal – Gaelic for Daniel; “oak”
  14. Dáivi – Gaelic for David; “beloved one”
  15. Darragh – “small great one, riches”
  16. Declan – name of a 5th century bishop
  17. Dermot – “free of envy”
  18. Diarmuid – “without envy”
  19. Donovan – “dark warrior”
  20. Dylan – “sea god, son of the waves”
  21. Eoghan -Gaelic for Owen; “Well born”
  22. Fionn – “white, fair”
  23. Liam – Gaelic for William; “determined guardian”
  24. Lorcán – “little fierce one”
  25. Micheál – Gaelic for Michael; “who is like God”
  26. Oisín – “Fawn” [Son of Fionn MacCool]
  27. Oscar – “Champion Warrior” or “Jewel” [Grandson of Fionn MacCool]
  28. Pádraig – Gaelic for Patrick; “noble, well-born”
  29. Roibeárd – Gaelic for Robert; “bright, famous”
  30. Ruairí – Gaelic for Rory; “the red king”
  31. Séamus – Gaelic for James; “the supplanter”
  32. Seán – Gaelic for John; “God is gracious”
  33. Steafán – Gaelic for Stephen; “crown”

These are just a few of the many Gaelic Irish names that would be appropriate for baby boys names. We will expand on these Gaelic boys names and add to the list in the near future.

Have fun deciding on your Irish baby boys name!

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