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by Admin · July 19, 2011

euro-coins-300x286-2788728Ireland is in the European Union and the Irish currency is the Euro which is the same currency used in 16 other countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. If you are travelling between these countries you do not have to change your currency, the Euro coinsfrom each of these countries is accepted in all of them.

The Euro currency consists the following notes and coins:

Notes Coins
€500 €2
€200 €1
€100 50cents
€50 10cents
€20 5cents
€10 2cents
€5 1cents

The following will give you an idea of prices in Ireland (2009):

  • Cup of Coffee in a coffee shop will cost between €1.70 to €3.75
  • Eat out in a restaurant 3 courses will average around €32 per person ( that is middle of the road restaurants)
  • Pub grub meal will cost between €10 and €15
  • Pair of jeans will cost between €25 and €60
  • Cost of fares on the public bus in Dublin, see following link:–Tickets/Fare-Information/
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, per person sharing per night, €35
  • Train fares, see for fares and service information
  • Soft drinks in bars (cola, Sprite, 7up, juice and so on), usually €2.50

Ireland And Value For Money, Have Your Say.

Did you recently visit Ireland or are you resident? Please share your thoughts regarding prices, service and value for money. Were you pleasantly surprised with prices or did you experience a lack of value and poor service? Have your say and make your comments below.

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