Irish Handmade Ceramic Pottery Gifts

Annascaul Pottery, Dingle Peninsula, Kerry

Zac Phelan’s Pottery Studio

The Phelan family have created unique handmade and hand decorated ceramic pottery for over 30 years from their pottery studio and shop in the heart of Annascaul village. Their pottery has been acquired by customers of every nationality who have visited their shops on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry.

Zac Phelan took over the running of Annascaul Pottery from his mother, Monica Phelan, who is also an accomplished painter. Monica continues to decorate Annascaul Pottery ceramics, painting pieces individually.

Zac recently launched his new website which enables customers to order pottery online. His site has proven to be extremely popular with both new and existing customers.

Zac, “Most of our customers are looking for truly original pieces and our handmade pottery appeals to them for that reason. We have a lot of buyers looking for that special gift for weddings and other family occasions. Our dinnerware is a popular gift for newly weds while our larger show-pieces are favourite with our corporate clients and sports clubs.”

Despite the high demand for his pottery Zac is not tempted to use moulds or other automated production processes to speed-up the manufacture pottery. “We’re traditional potters and we will continue to make each pot, each plate and each bowl by hand. That’s one of the factors that makes our pottery unique.”

There’s plenty more of Zac’s Irish handmade ceramic pottery gifts to see from his website at Annascaul Pottery. If you are looking for a one-off, stylish handmade gifts you won’t be disappointed.