Oranmore Castle, County Galway

Splendid castles and monuments can be seen in almost every county and town of Ireland. Oranmore Castle situated in Oranmore town of County Galway showcases the history of this European country, Ireland with its unique elegance. Built possibly on the site of an older castle, Oranmore Castle belongs to the 15th century. This castle was under the strong hold of a well-known Norman family of Galway Clanricardes. Galway was under the control of the fifth Earl Clanricarde and the Marquess in the year 1641. In the year 1642, during the month of March, the Oranmore town joined the Confederate Ireland in a rebel against which the owners held out.

Until 1643 Clanricarde provisioned the Fort of Galway from the sea, thereafter Governor of Galway Captain Willoughby surrendered both castle and fort without the consent of Marquess. In 1651, the Oranmore Castle was surrendered to Parliamentary forces. Though the entire Marquess property was forfeited, his successor, the 6th Earl, got back most part of the property including the castle. The castle was then leased to Walter Athy in the year 1666, which was subsequently passed on to his descendents until 1853.  

In the year 1947, Oranmore Castle was purchased by Lady Leslie for £200 who got the castle reroofed as it had fallen into disrepair. Two story wings were added to the castle by Lady Leslie’s daughter. Viewed as outrageous, the castle was set alight in 1964 to provide heat during winters, due to which the new roof was reduced to ashes.

The Oranmore Castle is a rectangular tower house with four stories, a square staircase turret and gunloops on the bottom floor, presenting a mesmerizing view to the visitors. 

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