Province Of Ulster

by Admin · July 19, 2011

The province of Ulster is located north of Ireland and is made up of nine counties:

ulster-map-59754871.Antrim 2.Armagh


4.Derry 5.Donegal 6.Down 7.Fermanagh 8.Monaghan


Ulsters total area is just under 24,500 square kilometres with a population of just under two million inhabitants. Belfast City is has the largest population of over 0.5 million people.

Ulsters 3 airports are:

1.Belfast International Airport 2.George Best Belfast City Airport (also known as “The City Airport”)

3.City of Derry Airport

See the Irish Airports page for Ulster Airports contact details

Ulster Rail Network

For Ulster train station information see this wiki page.

Ulster is named after it’s ancient inhabitants the Ulaigh, it’s history pre-dates written records.

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