Tony Allen Irish Inventor of the Spidercatcher

Tony Allen created the Spidercatcher because of his son’s arachnophobia.

Tired of his wife’s complaints about the ‘splat’ marks on the wall and frustrated by the smart spiders who hid in the corners of the room out of reach of the dreaded newspaper, he knew there had to be something better. His solution – the Spidercatcher. It uses two rings of concentric bristles, which gently scoops up the spider, even from the narrowest corner, allowing the spider to be released safely outside, completely unharmed.

Tony realised that the only way to bring this product to market was to do it himself, even though he had no experience in the retail market. This is exactly what he did do picking up all the skills he needed as he went along.

The Spidercatcher now sells worldwide through the internet, TV sales and stores such as Walmart in the USA. It even sells in the Natural History Museum’s Gift Shop in the UK!