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by Peter · Published November 21, 2015 · Updated November 22, 2015

Tymon Park is a wonderful public amenity managed by South County Dublin Council that provides an infrastructure for many recreational actives; is home to a diverse range of flora, a valuable environment for wildlife, and is a site of historical interest.

From a personal and family perspective, it’s a great place to visit for a ramble and picnic with the kids.


I’d like to start this article with a couple of points of immediate interest for those wishing to know more about Tymon Park. At the time of writing, the most recent addition to the park is the Fairy Forest Walk. Located on the Tymon North side of the park. The walk can be entered left of the car park, the trail through the wooded area covered with a layer of wood chippings provides a fairly clean and natural surface to walk upon.

Opening Times

November, December & January — 5.00pm February & March — 6.00pm April & October — 7.00pm May & September — 8.00pm

June, July & August — 9.00pm

An Enchanted Fairy Woodland Walk

tymon-park-fairy-walk-2839143As you progress through the walk, you’ll soon spot the fairy doors mounted on trees on both sides of the walk. Each colourful door has an accompanying plaque hung below it, which displays in Irish and English information about the fairy that inhabits the tree. These charming additions to the woodland are provided by the Irish Fairy Door Company, and add a magical element for children who often leave raisins in the hope a fairy will enjoy them as a threat. I suppose sometimes birds find them first but what harm?

Further along the walk, if there is any small breeze, you’ll hear wood chimes softly sounding out from the tree tops. When you hear their music, you know you are close to a small picnic area with miniature table and chairs, perfect for little people to take a moment to sit and enjoy the surroundings. Beyond that the woodland walk opens onto a path which leads walkers back into the park with options to go either side of the lake where swans, ducks, and several other species of water bird like to splash around. There is also an area sectioned for the development of a children’s play park, the construction of which is earmarked for the near future.

Recreational Features

Besides park walks that are marked with kilometre signs, there are several weather proof exercise equipment for pull-ups, twisting, sit-ups, and leg stretches. Some park goers take these quiet seriously, while others like myself like to jump on when I think no one is watching. My kids seem to think I’m hilarious, and they enjoy playing on them too (showing me how to use them correctly of course, silly me…).

The paths are great for a ramble, and are popular with joggers, dog walkers and are also used as part of the trail for the running competitions that are regularly held in the park.

There are many football club houses in the park (I’ll get a full list of each club and update this section later), and several sports fields used for football, hurling, and soccer.

Tymon Park Playgrounds and Remote Controlled Race Track

Apart from the many sports fields and woods, Tymon Park currently has two children’s play park areas.
The play areas are located beside each other on the Templeogue side of the park and only a short stroll from the entrance. They are located near two pound/lake areas populated with ducks, swans, herrings and more.

Play Area 1 – Modern Playground

The first playground is within a fenced area, divided with coloured rubber play surfaces for two age groups. The Green Zone is suitable for ages up to 6 years, and includes a roundabout, see-saw, spring seats, swings and climbing frame. The Blue Zone is suitable for children aged 6 and older, and includes a swing basket, standard swings, and multi-play climbing frame.

Play Area 2 – Woodland Adventure Park

The woodland adventure park is located beside the modern fenced play area. While children of all ages enjoy this play area, it is best suited for ages 9 and older.

This area has wooden structures including a log snake to try your balance on, a swinging log bridge, hand-over-hand bars to traverse, climbing frame and a large teepee shaped climbing frame. Besides the play structures, children of all ages enjoy kicking leaves in autumn and building play dens with dead branches. The ground is covered in mulch bark, and leaves, so make sure everyone has the appropriate footwear.

Remote Control Buggy Race Track In Tymon Park

Rumours have abounded about a new play park being developed on the Castletymon Road side of the park. Work has been on-going for some years, but sadly without much progress or any seemingly any real intent to deliver a play park. However, a remote controlled buggy area has since been introduced into the designated play park area, and is being used by remote control car/buggy enthusiasts. Again progress has been slow, we’ll keep you posted on the outcome.


Tymon Park Run (5km)

Tymon Park Run is organized by volunteers and takes place in Tymon Park every Saturday starting at 9:30am. Participants are required to register just once, and there is no charge.

Supported by The Irish Sports Council, runners of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to join in this fun 5km park run in the beautiful surroundings of Tymon Park. The emphasis is on fun and participation, with runner’s going for a friendly coffee afterwards.

Ready to get your jogging shoes on? Check out the group’s website.

Tymon Park Allotments

Tymon Park also has an allotment area, again this is located on the Tymon North side of the park, beside the park mangers house. These are rented to gardening enthusiasts, and for the curious wanderer, you can take a peek into the allotment area by climbing up the ditch and spying though the fence. The gardeners seem to grow mostly vegetables with a few flowers here and there. I’m told there is a two year waiting list, so if you live in the area and are keen to find out how green your fingers are, you should probably put your name down now, and satisfy yourself with growing your own in your back garden or window box while you wait. If you’re eager to start now, I’m afraid you’ll have to look for other Dublin allotments rentals instead.

More About Tymon Park


I’m doing some research about this wonderful Dublin park, and will add to this page information about the historical sites, more about the flora and fauna of the park, a Tymon Park map, and look at how the park came to be developed.

Visit again soon.

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