Visit Limerick

Limerick is located in the west of Ireland, at the meeting of the rivers Shannon and the Abbey. Limerick city has 50,000 inhabitants and is the fourth city in the Republic of Ireland (after Dublin, Cork and Galway). Limerick was a Viking city, the oldest part of town, on the southern tip of King’s Island, is called Englishtown.

Limerick city is a mixture of old and new. Ireland’s economic boom saw many modern buildings erected around the city, yet there are many monuments and old houses to be found.

St. Mary’s Cathedral was built in the 12th century and the Western Gate is still used for the inauguration of bishops, who according to tradition, the new bishop knocks at the ancient door to gain access to the cathedral.

St John’s Cathedral is more recent (19th century), but is a beautiful church built in Victorian style, with the highest spire in Ireland.

The Hunt Museum has an interesting art collection, which was collected by the couple John and Gertrude Hunt. The showpiece is the Antrim Cross (9th century), bronze and enamel. The museum also has a bronze horse designed by Leonardo da Vinci, and a sketch of the hand of Pablo Picasso.

The city is becoming more familiar with foreign tourists as an interesting place to spend a few days. The book Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt about his impoverished childhood in Limerick and the movie to the book was published there have certainly helped. There is even a special Angela’s Ashes tour in Limerick city.