Young Irish Drivers

The internet has becoming such popular tool with widespread usage that people who live miles away can now use it to communicate with each other quickly and easily on topics of interest. One such topic for many young people is the process of learning to drive, and a new forum has been set up in America which aims to discuss just that.

While US driving practices differ from Irish, young Irish drivers will be able to relate to many of the fears, concerns and positive experiences of new drivers in the States.

The postings come from either young learner drivers or those who have recently passed their test, and questions are varied from what are the best routes to practice on, to how I can calm my pre-test nerves.

One piece of advice that comes up frequently is the need to practice your driving skills in order to make them perfect. Not everyone has the spare cash to pay for hours and hours of driving lessons with an instructor and the advice here is to find someone older with plenty of experience on the road to take you out. They should be able to help you go over the important manoeuvres and skills that you have been taught by your driving instructor without the price tag. Another key issue is what happens once you have actually passed your driving test. Many people are nervous about driving on their own for the first time without the accompaniment of an instructor or an experienced driver. Facing the roads on your own for the first time can be nerve racking, but the advice is keep calm and start off with a number of short journeys to build up you confidence. Once you have passed you test your have already proven that you are capable of driving at the necessary standard and concerns of driving on your own don’t seem to last long.

Getting advice from people of a similar age who have been though the learning process seems to be a hit, with young drivers being able to relate to one another’s experiences. There is also a section where people can share money saving tips such as where to look for good young driver insurance deals or instructors with reasonably priced rates.

Young learner drivers may not feel they can talk to those around them about the concerns about learning to drive, but this forum provides them with an opportunity to chat with their peers and get hints, tips and encouragement for passing that all important test.